When you first visit the outdoor club amenities and services you are likely to notice a few changes, and there are many more behind the scenes. These changes are the result of our team's dedication to providing you the safest and cleanest possible club experience.


We Are All Cleaners All Beaumont Health Club associates are now part of our housekeeping team. Every team member is equipped with a bottle of disinfectant, a towel, and all the necessary training on best-in-class cleaning techniques. Our challenge to ourselves: 'ABC, or always be cleaning' To Keep Us Together, We Stay Apart
Our clubs are a community, and to keep that community safe we must practice social distancing. Beaumont Health Club will take advantage of the large size of our club so that all members will have over 100 square feet of space. Cleaning Supplies, Supplied
You will find hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipe stations available indoors and outdoors. Fever-Free Environment
We are taking the temperature of every person entering the club, ensuring we are all below the fever threshold of 100.4 degrees. Our club is equipped with contact-free thermometers, which we will use as you check in. All associates will also be checked before their shifts. Outdoor Capacities We are also limiting capacity in each class. Each class will have a "workout box" of 8'x 8' with 6 feet distance between the "workout box." Personal Protective Equipment Per State of Michigan Executive Order, we are asking that all members wear masks. Signage at the Club
Signs around the club will help reinforce this information. Please be on the lookout and take note of these signs. Communication
We are using email to communicate all important club updates. If you are not currently on our email list, please contact our club to update your email address. You can also follow us on Facebook for daily wellness content and to stay connected to our community. 1-2 Cleaning Approach
This is our cleaning philosophy. The first line of defence is you--please make sure to wipe down equipment after you use it. The second clean is our professional staff, who will constantly clean all club equipment.


2XL Force Disinfectant Wipes
All fitness areas throughout our facilities have readily available, regularly spaced disinfectant wipes for members’ use. 2XL Force Disinfectant Wipes are powerful and safe EPA registered disinfectant wipes that are effective against 49 pathogens, including against viruses similar to COVID-19. Members are expected to wipe down all equipment and surfaces before and after use with 2XL wipes to provide quick and effective sanitization of commonly touched surfaces, as the first step in our 1-2 Cleaning Approach. Hand Sanitizer Stations
Hand sanitizer stations are located throughout our facilities, in most instances offering touchless application of sanitizing solution. These alcohol-based sanitizers provide in excess of 70% ethyl alcohol, killing more than 99.99% of the most common germs in as little as 15 seconds. We have increased the visibility and quantity of these stations throughout our facilities, including at club check in and on all fitness floors.


All members & employees will be screened for Covid-19 symptoms upon entry

• Contactless temperature check with an infrared thermometer • Answer questions regarding symptoms • If temperature above 100.4 degrees or answer to any symptoms question is yes, member or employee will be required to leave the premises All Beaumont Health Club employees and members will be required to wear masks. Beaumont Health Club to ensure proper physical distancing of 6 feet or greater at all times:

• Club to monitor occupancy through class pre-registration system • Decals will be placed on floor at entrance to ensure physical distancing • Decals placed in group exercise class(es) to ensure physical distancing Beaumont Health Club to follow all policies and procedures from the State of Michigan, Oakland County and Beaumont Health
  • No basketball or other contact sports at this time.
  • No use of whirlpools, steam rooms or saunas
  • Any other guidelines or polices pertaining to the Beaumont Health Club
KidTown childcare services will not be available during the initial phase of reopening Extensive cleaning protocols for Beaumont Health Club Staff to ensure a clean and sanitary environment • Continuous disinfection of all equipment and high touch surfaces • Enhanced training for staff on cleaning protocols


Our Commitment to You Every Beaumont Health Club associate is a vital component in creating safe infoor and outdoor enviornment for our members and other associates. We hold high expectations for our teams, and they rise to the challenge. All associates are expected to adhere to the following:

  • Everyone is in housekeeping. All associates regardless of position will be entrusted to provide clean and sanitized spaces. This will include wiping all counters and surfaces after use, cleaning equipment and indoor/outdoor spaces.
  • Personal trainers, fitness instructors, and coaches on duty will complete the 1-2 Cleaning Approach.
  • All Associates will receive training and re-training on the proper means and methods for cleaning products and expectations for cleanliness, with more specialized and comprehensive training as necessary (e.g. housekeeping, food and beverage).
  • All Associates will receive training on COVID-19 safety. Correct hygiene and frequent handwashing is vital to help combat the spread of COVID-19.
  • All associates will be expected to practice good hygiene and wash their hands at least every 60 minutes and after any and all of the following, sneezing, coughing, blowing the nose, touching the face, smoking, eating, drinking, before/after shifts, before/after breaks and after completing any cleaning.
  • Associates will be expected to wear PPE in so far as required by local and state government guidance and best practices.
  • Associates will receive mandatory training on how to properly use, handle and dispose of PPE.
  • Associates will have their temperatures taken before their shift. Any associates measuring a fever (higher than 100.4) will be asked to return home.


Staying Safe, Together You have an important role in all of us staying safe. We are all part of the Beaumont Health Club family that wants to stay healthy--and so we ask that you please keep in mind these etiquette guidelines while at the club.

  • Please do not come to the Beaumont Health Club if you feel sick
  • Please wipe down the equipment and indoor/outdoor spaces you use after you are done by using newly purchased 2XL FORCE gym wipes
  • Please practice proper hand washing
  • Use available hand sanitizers
  • Please be respectful of physical distance guidelines and keep proper physical distancing of 6 feet or greater for yourself and others in all areas
  • Be prepared to have your temperature taken when you arrive. In order to keep our clubs fever-free, we will restrict entry if your temperature is above 100.4.


When will the club be open? We are excited to reopen the club on Wednesday, September 9, 2020. Initially, we will reopen with these slightly modified hours. Club Hours Monday – Friday 5am – 9pm Saturday/Sunday 7am – 2pm Are there any areas of the club that will not reopen initially? Initially, the KidsTown childcare area, Steam Room, Dry Sauna and the basketball courts will not reopen. How much will I be billed for my membership when you reopen? A reminder that you have 15 days of dues owed to you for the period March 17 – 31 when the club was closed due to state mandate. These dues will be credited to your account for the period of September 9-23. Therefore, in the month of September, you will only see dues charged to your account for the period of September 24-30. These dues will be charged to your account on September 24 I am not comfortable returning to the club yet, can I put my membership on hold? Yes, we can extend a complimentary hold through December 31, 2020. In this case, your dues credit for March can be applied to your first month of dues billing. Members who wish to put their membership on hold upon reopening will need to opt-in to this option by contacting the Beaumont Health Club at 248-267-5656 The purpose of my membership is to utilize the Kidtown childcare for my child(ren). With Kidtown not open initially, can I downgrade my membership? Yes, memberships may be downgraded until Kidtown reopens. Members who chose this option must opt-in to this change. These memberships may be upgraded when Kidtown reopens without signing a new 12-month agreement. I am cancelling my membership and want my dues credit for March refunded. We are not issuing refunds for March dues. The club is open, and you may utilize your membership for an additional 2 weeks to burn off your credit prior to any dues billing and your membership will be cancelled after you have completed your 2 weeks. This is just as if you had told us you were canceling your membership prior to us being closed down. I have credits for programming that was pre-paid and not completed due to the club closure. How do I receive my credit? Credits for programming can be applied to future programming or class make-ups as programming is reintroduced. I am cancelling my membership and I have a credit for programming that was pre-paid and not completed due to the club closure. Can I receive a refund? Yes, we will process a refund. If you choose to rejoin you will pay the prevailing enrollment fee and sign a new 12-month agreement. I have not fulfilled my 12-month agreement. May I cancel my membership early? All membership agreements must be fulfilled. Please note that you were not charged for the 5 and a half months the club was closed and your received a credit for the days not able to use the club in March due to the closure. Be aware that you are welcome to take advantage of the complimentary freeze to put your membership on hold.